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From applications to post-issue service, we help carriers empower their agents and policyholders with a modern, delightful experience.

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Our Focus Areas

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We love annuities. From RMDs to changing beneficiaries, we've got you covered.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance process automation and sensitive data collection are at our core.

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Tax & Legal

We bundle and digitize common tax/legal/regulatory paperwork, keeping users focused on the journey.

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Make Medicare servicing a breeze. We handle the heavy lifting so advisors can focus on their clients.

Modern insurance software

The Vigil Platform

Vigil provides carriers with a comprehensive solution to update their policy servicing capabilities for agents and policyholders in one seamless package.



Put your back-office on autopilot. Our goal is to reduce your time spent in our platform.



Let our AI agents handle the tedious paperwork and logistics. You stay focused on your clients.



Prevent NIGO with advanced validation rules.



Whether it's call, text, email, or API, Vigil captures and processes client requests in real-time.

Drive Digital Adoption

Drive Digital Adoption

Vigil simplifies submission and tracking, reduces resolution time, eliminates NIGO, and unlocks straight-through processing for all of your service transactions.

Drive Digital Adoption
Streamline Service Journeys
Streamline Service Journeys

Streamline Service Journeys

End-to-end service journeys guide users through the data collection process, including document upload and signatures. Requests are submitted in good order, providing a hassle-free processing experience for all with real-time notifications and in-app communication.

Maintain Brand Identity

Maintain Brand Identity

Our white-label offering gives you all of the functionality of Vigil while maintaining your brand identity. With our single-sign-on (SSO) flow, users start and end their service journey at the carrier’s website.

Maintain Brand Identity
API-First Approach
API-First Approach

API-First Approach

We're built for developers, allowing for seamless integrations with intake channels, CRMs, and policy administration systems. Whether it's via fax, email, API, or webhooks - we'll meet you where you're at.

Grade Security

Vigil prioritizes enterprise-grade security, including advanced measures like robust encryption and state-of-the-art access controls. We continuously enhance our protocols to exceed industry standards.

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Connect With Tools

Meet your customers where they live. Vigil integrates with the industry's leading tools to provide a seamless experience for your agents and policyholders.


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